Our philosophy

Our professional route started the fifteenth of September 1994. It is aimed to develop a solid real estate net and to act as a go-between in housing market. Since that time and for ever we build our business around the “sized-for-you” concept, meant as essential service to bring negotiations to a satisfactory conclusion.

In the last twenty years we have been present in our area trying to fulfil your needs, because for us they come first. In this way our purpose is to satisfy your wish of living in a consistant room.

We know that home is the most important place of our life: it is our starting point, our goal, in short, our daily base.

Homes Conegliano is a real estate agency that aims a lot on negotiation transparency and relation concreteness. Our vision is made in order to give an accurate service back to you. We do not want you to give up the pleasure of choosing or to feel disappointed about your expectations.

Homes Conegliano prefers the formula “to meet at the right point” which matches the substantial feeling between both sides interests. We can feel the change in the real estate market and evolves to be in step with the future, rating once again as a high – broker for the residential and commercial fields. 

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